We face a lot of js questions in interviews, and I’m trying to help you out by answering some important questions in the section below.

Truthy and Falsy values

When testing conditions in code (if…. else), we need to know which one is true and which one is false.

Falsy Values

  1. 0
  2. undefined
  3. null
  4. NaN
  5. “” (empty String)
  6. false

Truthy Values

  1. ” “ (space with string)
  2. [] empty array
  3. {} empty Object
  4. true

It’s simple to code to remember all of these values, and it’s simple to define error.

Null Vs Undefined

We learned how to find undefined at the start. Undefined can be found in a…

React is a javascript library. Most people believe this is a framework but its a most useful library for developers.It isn’t a complete solution, and you’ll almost always need to combine it with other libraries to form a complete solution.

React’s Tree Reconciliation

React is a quick way to work with the DOM tree in a browser. It functions as your handler, communicating with the DOM on your behalf. It has a simple API to learn, and your JavaScript skills can help you become a better React developer.


The entry point for a React program into the browser’s DOM is ReactDom.render. It’s a…

In javascript, there are several types that may be imported.

Primitive Values

The primitive values can’t be changed, and they’ll be the same everywhere. You can’t modify it in your own way, even though you use the built-in functions in js.

var bar = "baz";
console.log(bar); // baz
console.log(bar); // baz

Objects and Function

In this scenario, you can go your own way and build whatever you want. You can link values and transfer them from one to the other.


You can use expressions to answer all of your questions in a mathematical manner. …

When anyone first begins using Javascrpit, they are a little unsure of where to begin.So I’m going to tell you about some interesting topics that will help you get started with js.

The most important topics are

  1. Variables
  2. Operators
  3. Objects
  4. Arrays
  5. Functions


In js, you can declare variables in three ways: let, const, and var. Let and var are somewhat similar in that they both store data whose value can change.However, there are several differences that we discuss in other posts.

Now I’ll show you some examples in the upcoming sections.

for (let myLetVariable = 0; myLetVariable < 5; myLetVariable++)…

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